The 'Service Catalog' lists the services that the Grasslands Public Schools Information Technology Department supports.

Standard Service Definitions:

Mission Critical: A mission critical service requires continuous availability. Breaks in service are intolerable and immediately and significantly damaging. Availability required at almost any price.

Business Critical: A business critical service requires continuous availability, though short breaks in service are not catastrophic. Availability required for effective business operation.

Business Operational: Contributing to efficient business operation but doesn't greatly affect student learning.

Administrative Service: Services on the level of office productivity tools, required for business to operate. Breaks in service are undesirable but does not affect student learning and can be tolerated a little more.

Support & Training

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalityAvailable to
Service DeskPhone, email, and web support.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty and Staff
Consulting and OrderingConsulting and ordering for supported services and technologies.ActiveAdministrativeAdministration
New Staff OrientationNew staff orientation presentations and reference materials.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty and Staff

Desktop Hardware & Services

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
PrintingInstallation and configuration of printers purchased through the technology department.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty, Staff and Students
Additional PurchasingPurchasing, configuration, installation, and asset management on computers outside the evergreen cycle.ActiveAdministrativeAdministration
EvergreeningGrasslands IT evergreens all divisionally managed desktops, laptops, and ultrabooks on a pre-determined cycle (normally 5 years).ActiveAdministrativeInternal Service
Computer ManagementGrasslands IT uses management software for setup, configuration, distribution, and asset management on divisionally owned desktops and mobile computers.ActiveBusiness OperationalInternal Service
Virus Protection and RemovalGrasslands IT offers assistance with the removal and clean up of IT managed infected computersActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff

Desktop Software Services

Service Name: Desktop Software

Service Description: Supported Software is listed in the Software Service Catalog. Please contact the service desk for more information 403-793-6701

Accounts & Passwords

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Student Account Creation and ResetGrasslands IT supports automatic student account creation, reset, and decommission of email and logon accounts for students using SIF via the Powerschool Student Information System.ActiveBusiness OperationalAdministration and School Administrative Assistants
Guest Account CreationA non-staff member or student can be provided with limited, temporary access to jurisdictional resources.ActiveAdministrativeAdministration
Staff Account Creation and ResetGrasslands IT supports the manual creation, reset, and configuration of email and logon accountsActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty, and Staff

Network & WiFi

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Active DirectoryThe Active Directory domain, '' is the centralized MS Windows directory service for authentication of user, computer, and group objects.ActiveBusiness CriticalInternal
Internal Name ServiceDomain Name Service (DNS) for internal devices. DNS translates names used by applications (like into machine addresses (like and vice versa.ActiveBusiness CriticalInternal
External DNSDomain Name Service (DNS) for external devices. DNS translates names used by applications (like into machine addresses (like and vice versa.ActiveBusiness OperationalInternal
Guest WirelessGrasslands maintains a restricted wireless system that allows non-divisional equipment to access web pages.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff
Divisional WirelessGrasslands maintains a wireless system that allows divisional equipment access to the Internet and to local services.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff
IP Address ManagementProvide Internet addresses and routing for use by divisionally owned and guest devices.ActiveBusiness CriticalInternal
Intranet, Internet, & InfrastructureProvides wired network access at all schools and central office and the connectivity between sites and to the Internet.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff

Administration, Finance, & Business Systems

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Student Information System (SIS)Grasslands IT provides hardware, software, backup, and maintenance support to student information and provides support in conjunction with the Student Information Coordinator.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff
Software LicensingIT negotiates and manages software licensing for jurisdictional software.ActiveAdministrativeInternal
School Interoperability FrameworkThe IT department maintains the ZIS and supporting infrastructure for connecting various student data services.ActiveBusiness OperationalInternal
Financial Records SystemGrasslands IT provides network connectivity and firewall protection for the financial records system and operating system support (installation, patch management, and troubleshooting) on the web application server.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff

Data Storage

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Network StorageFile Services provide students and staff with a location in which files can be stored, backed up, and in some cases shared. Limits on storage sizes are imposed and the service is not intended for large amounts of multimedia data.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff

Email & Calendars

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Email GroupsLimited support for high level email groupsActiveAdministrativeAdministration
Mail Forwarding and AliasesThe IT Department provides very limited forwarding and alias accounts for email.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty and Staff
SPAM ControlSPAM control is provided for email.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff
EmailGrasslands Provides email services.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff

Mobile Devices, Fax & Voice Communications

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Enterprise IP TelephonyHandsets, phone lines, and overhead paging at VoIP sitesActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff
Mobile Device ManagementMobile device management (MDM) is software which enables management of mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc).ActiveAdministrativeInternal
Mobile DevicesSetup, configuration, maintenance on divisionally purchased mobile devices.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff
Fax SystemService is provided on the central office incoming fax system.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff

Video and Media

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Content Delivery DevicesSupport provided for site based streaming media serversActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff
Media Services and Special Event SupportAV support for presentations. Support for wireless, guest accounts, laptop access, and video conference.ActiveBusiness OperationalAdministration
Skype SupportSupport is provided for Skype at central office.ActiveBusiness OperationalAdministration
Video Conference SupportIP Based video conferencing from a designated room in the division. A technician may, with sufficient notice, be requested to establish and monitor the conference.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff

Web Communications & Online Collaboration

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Google ApplicationsService provided for management and troubleshooting of divisional Google ApplicationsPipelineService OperationalFaculty
MoodleAccess account support is provided by ITActiveAdministrativeFaculty and Staff
Learn AlbertaAccess account support is provided by IT.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty
Learn 360Access account support is provided by IT.PipelineAdministrativeFaculty
Discovery EducationAccess account support is provided by IT.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty
Access LearningAccess account support is provided by IT.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty
School and Division Websites Grasslands IT provided liaison support, DNS, and administrative support for outsourced school and divisional web pages.ActiveAdministrativeFaculty and Staff

Facilities & Room Technologies

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
I/NETServer support and network troubleshooting is provided for facilities building control software.ActiveBusiness CriticalFacilities Staff
SMART BoardsPlanning, purchase, installation (in conjunction with facilities), and support of SMART interactive technologies.ActiveBusiness OperationalFaculty and Staff

Governance, Disaster Recovery, and Security

Service NameService DescriptionStatusCriticalitySupport Available to
Firewall ManagementGrasslands IT provides content filtering, traffic shaping, firewall, IPS, and in-line antivirus.ActiveBusiness CriticalInternal
Information Security Incident response and remediationLog analysis, investigation, and remediation of affected devices.ActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff
IT GovernanceDevelopment of administrative procedures and controls related to the management of information technologies.ActiveAdministrativeInternal
Backup & RecoveryServer file services, databases, email, and other services can be backed up divisionallyActiveBusiness CriticalFaculty and Staff
Patch ManagementServer, desktop, network equipment, and mobile devices are patched and upgraded by the department. ActiveAdministrativeInternal